Home of the World’s Biggest and Most Efficient Cruise Ships

Finland has a long tradition in shipbuilding and maritime industry – the first shipyard was established as far back as the 18th century. During the 20th and 21st centuries, the shipbuilding industry has developed into one of the pivotal high technology industries in Finland.

Turku Leads the Way

The banks of the River Aura nurtured the development of the local shipbuilding industry, and the high point has been reached in the last twenty years, when the world's largest cruise ships have been built in the Turku shipyard. The production of these enormous vessels is the result of an innovative and competent network of Finnish companies, including various engineering firms as well as system, service and material suppliers.

Southwest Finland – in particular Turku and the areas surrounding it – is the single most important maritime technology industry region in Finland. The Turku Region holds 55% of the whole Finnish maritime technology industry companies.

City of Turku has founded the research unit Meridiem with several leading Finnish maritime universities. This research unit serves maritime sector companies in their R&D activities and projects. Meridiem aims to form a functional model to increase scientific research as well as education within the maritime and offshore industry. The ultimate aim is to create internationally acknowledged innovation hubs. [Meridiem is the name of the research unit]

Groundbreaking Technology

The modern Finnish maritime industry is founded on world class competence and innovation. The industry has jointly invested in marine-specific R&D programs and innovation platforms.

The Finnish maritime cluster companies provide products and services to several global maritime segments, including world's biggest cruise ships, azimuth thrusters, waste management systems, fire prevention technology, automated terminals and novel ICT solutions like ship design software and arctic know-how.

The Finnish maritime industry is specialized in ship design, ship construction, ship repair, ship power and propulsion, on-board cargo solutions, cargo handling equipment and systems, engineering, design, life-cycle maintenance solutions and ship operation technology, and energy efficient solutions.

The Finnish maritime industry also produces ferries, technically demanding special vessels and vessels for arctic conditions – always with the best possible environmental solutions.