Innovation Capital of Medical Technology

The Finns know the ropes when it comes to challenging product development – the country's health technology industry's exports exceed imports by a wide, and growing, margin. Companies operating in Finland are increasingly making use of the possibilities of domestic outsourcing in the design and manufacturing of reliable, easy-to-use complex medical systems.

Finland has a high-quality health care system. For a country of its size, it also boasts a large number of health technology professionals. For decades, the country's dynamic health technology industry has been innovating and developing technology solutions for the global market - helping millions of people around the world and employing tens of thousands of people in Finland.

High Level of Specialization

Over the recent five-year period 2007-2012, Finland's health technology manufacturing and exports have seen an average growth of over 8% annually, despite the recession. In fact, this rate of growth virtually matches the long-term growth rate of over 8% annually since 1996. Health technology companies operating in Finland are highly specialized, and several rank among the largest in their field. Products developed in Finland are renowned for being robust, as well as safe and effective.

Health technology is now the second largest high-tech export sector in Finland and the only significant high-tech product sector where Finland has been able to show consistent growth and a positive trade balance over multiple economic cycles.

The trade statistics speak for Finland's strong product development expertise. Many of the world's largest, international medical technology companies have acquired Finnish companies and expanded their operations in Finland. Relative to its size, the health technology sector has probably attracted more foreign direct investment (FDI) into Finland than any other sector.

Reliable Expert Partners in Design, Manufacturing & Regulatory Affairs

Finnish heath technology companies are also increasingly involved in global outsourcing, design and the manufacturing of complex systems. They have the expertise to take responsibility for testing, quality assurance and regulatory approval procedures and can deliver turn-key solutions to international medtech customers.

The Finns have particular expertise in developing user-friendly systems. Examples include equipment for anesthesia, laboratory sample processing, brain diagnostics and treatment, craniofacial imaging and dental care, as well as brain imaging and diagnostic mapping. Furthermore, Finnish professionals possess strong expertise in complex signal processing technologies, materials technology, and, naturally, mobile health solutions.

In the field of biomaterials for orthopedic implants, some of the most significant recent innovations have come from Finland's research and development efforts.


Examples of Companies to Visit

  • Firstbeat - Leader in Heartbeat Analysis Technology
    • 1000 billion heartbeats analyzed
    • 15+ years of experience in heart rate variability analysis methods
    • 300+ professional sports teams that use Firstbeat

    Firstbeat Technologies has developed an innovative heart rate variability (HRV) based analysis technology for measurement of stress, recovery and exercise. The company has over 15 years of experience in HRV analysis methods. Our products are based on a unique combination of physiology, mathematical modeling and understanding of behavioral change.

    From physiological measurements to concrete feedback: Products for fitness, sports and wellbeing 

    Our software products provide valuable information about the impact of lifestyle on physiology. This information can be applied to occupational health and performance consultation services as well as to fitness and competitive sports. Our technology is also used in consumer products such as heartbeat analysis solutions.


  • Nexstim

    Founded in 2000, Nexstim Oy is the world leader in image-guided transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Nexstim has pioneered the technology for brain diagnostics and with FDA-clearance, Nexstim’s Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) System is recognized as the emerging standard for presurgical functional mapping. In 2012, Nexstim launched the Navigated Brain Therapy (NBT) System for the treatment of brain injury and disease. The NBT System uses repetitive TMS, with accurate 3D-guidance of the therapeutic electric field enabled by the patient's magnetic resonance images. NBT is being studied for the rehabilitation of patients suffering the consequences of stroke. In other challenging brain diseases such as depression, NBT allows for personalized non-drug treatment. NBT System is CE-marked.


  • Oy Medfiles Ltd.

    Medfiles is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) & R&D/Analytical Laboratory with more than 26 years track record working with clients throughout the world including Chinese Healthcare companies. We partner with EPS International ( in China to support international activities.

    Our service portfolio includes:

    • Laboratory services such as analytical evaluation, EU release analytics with QP service, stability studies to conform to EU requirements. Method development & method transfer. We have GMP Certified Laboratories.
    • Regulatory submission and Marketing Authorization Services including consultancy & training. Full Service that covers over 80 countries.
    • Clinical Evaluation for products entering Europe & US – Bioequivalence clinical trials, managing pre sales studies in large EU markets such as Sweden, Germany, UK. Conducting feasibilities.
    • Quality Management Services such as auditing distributors, manufacturing plants, projects.
    • Pharmacovigilance Services such as Eudravigilance reporting, QPPV, consultancy
    • Market Access Services such as conducting Pricing & Reimbursement applications

    We use eCTMS, WebeX, Lync and similar systems to manage our communications/projects & of course via our partner EPS International you can conduct these meetings in Chinese with us. 

    Medfiles is looking for pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, Veterinary, functional food companies wanting to enter EU or US markets.