Commitment to Food Safety

Food trade is an increasingly global business where food ingredients, food products, animals and agricultural inputs are moving rapidly from one country to another. This creates possibilities for trade, but also challenges to maintain the food quality and safety throughout the whole supply chain network. The consumer confidence is a concern at every step, yet the substantial origin of quality is the producer at the beginning of the food chain. Building a food chain both transparent and traceable calls for cooperation of various stakeholders as well as expertise and modern technology to assist the job.

Finland is recognized for strong commitment to food safety. The quality and safety of foods produced and consumed in Finland is internationally of high standard, which is a result of long-term collaboration effort between food producers, authorities, and research and education. The best technological expertise often lies in private companies which, focusing on their core competency can provide the best available solutions for building a successful food chain.

Food Safety Management Finland Association

Superior food safety does not occur accidentally

Food Safety Management Finland is an association of food safety experts that promotes the cooperation and internationalization of its member companies. Association members produce a wide variety of food safety-related products and services for the use of companies operating in the food industry. The Association works in close cooperation with Finnish food authorities and research institutions.

A good start for safe food – transportation management – quality of food processing – unbroken cold chain – good packaging – traceability

Food Traceability & Safety Technology Center

Dedicated to food safety

The Food Traceability & Safety Technology Center introduces Finnish food safety companies' solutions and demonstrates the utilization of the technologies throughout the different stages of the food supply chain, from raw material sources to the consumer. This permanent showroom is located in the proximity of Helsinki airportat Technopolis Vantaa. You are welcome to visit us! [Technopolis is the name of the building]