Nation of Education

Finland is a nation where high quality education has proved an essential element in building wealth, social stability and competitive edge in the global economy. We offer the best education expertise in the world, nothing less.

Excellent results in the PISA surveys stand testimony to Finland's unique know-how in the field of education, as does the increasing demand for Finnish pedagogy solutions worldwide.

Finland is renowned throughout the world for high quality education – key words in Finnish education policy are quality, efficiency, equality and internationalisation.

World Class Learning Cluster in Turku, Finland

Turku has a unique selection of know-how in the field of education, including two world renowned Universities. The city hosts a wide range of companies specializing in educational solutions, including various information technology solution providers.

The education offering in Turku includes four main fields:

Learning and pedagogy solutions

New methodology and content for learning institutions and teachers.

Linking education with working life

Planning education according to the specific demands of working life; promoting innovation in universities.

Chains of education

Creating and maintaining effective, business branch specific value chains covering all levels of education.

Information technology solutions for education

Education management, language learning and communications expertise.

Finland = Innovative Learning

  • Finland's education system was named best in the world by education firm Pearson in 2012.
  • The UN's Education Index lists Finland among the best education systems in the world.
  • Finland has received top results in all of the OECD's PISA surveys, first of which was published in 2000.
  • Finland has a literacy rate of 100 %.
  • 75 % of Finns speak a foreign language, 50 % speak two or more foreign languages.
  • 40 % of Finns have a degree from a university or university of applied sciences.

Examples of Companies to Visit

  • Lingonet

    Lingonet is a leading foreign language software developer in Finland. Our unique approach to language learning appeals to language learners and teachers worldwide as Lingonet's programs are being used in over 40 different countries.

    Lingonet's products are built as resources for teachers and offer both authentic material and task-based activities. The product development of all Lingonet programs is based on Finnish and Scandinavian know-how with regard to language learning pedagogy and didactics, and is in line with the Finnish language learning curriculum, which is among the best in the world. We also cooperate with national and international publishers, and various governmental organisations. Additionally, we offer production and teacher training services. 

    Website: http://www.lingonet.com/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LingonetYourPartnerInLanguageLearning 

  • e-Oppi

    e-Oppi is a publishing house focusing on e-books for elementary and upper secondary schools. Our books combine learning environment with textbook materials providing innovative and interactive learning experience. Our books can be used with all devices from cell phones to laptops and they don’t require software installations.

    e-Oppi works continuously to improve learning experience and improving learning outcomes by implementing solid theory base with motivated and highly experienced teachers.

  • FinnWayLearning – Setting the Standard for Top Education

    The FinnWayLearning Consortium is comprised of the educational establishments in the city of Turku – the city’s Education Division, the University of Turku, the Turku University of Applied Sciences, and the Turku Adult Education Center. Drawing on top-level Finnish expertise in the field of education as well as the extensive choices available in the region, the Consortium is able to offer solutions to a wide range of issues at all educational levels from pre-school, primary, secondary, and vocational education all the way to universities and adult education. 

    To learn more about how FinnWayLearning can help your organization reach its educational goals, please visit:


  • Neoxen Systems

    Neoxen Systems is an established Finnish software company. We develop internationally certified learning and information management solutions for the educational market. We work closely with leading research centers and global technology providers to help you to succeed in your mission. 

    We provide full set of products, consulting, training and support services to our customers. 

    Neoxen Systems is a long term Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Authorized Office 365 Advisor. We are a leading Finnish expert in Windows Azure and Office 365 for the educational market. Neoxen is a member of the elite and invitation-only Windows Azure Circle Partner Program, a global group of selected Microsoft partners.

    Web sites: