Giant in Energy Efficiency

Finland has often been rated as one of the world's leading countries in the environmental sector. Cleantech is fast becoming the cornerstone of the Finnish economy and it is one of Finland's economic policy priorities. The Government of Finland aims to make Finland a pioneer in clean technology. More than 40 % of the Finnish public R&D funding goes to the energy and environment sector.

Concentrated Know-How in the Helsinki Region

There are approx. 10,000 cleantech companies in Finland and many of them are located in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The turnover of cleantech business has been growing steadily 10-15 % every year for the past ten years, being about EUR 25 billion in 2013. Finnish cleantech business is strongly export-driven – the majority of cleantech companies get more than half of their turnover from abroad.

The majority of the turnover comes from energy efficiency. Many Finnish companies are already global leaders in energy efficiency, clean industrial processes, and bioenergy. Other key sectors are analysis and automation, renewable energy, water and wastewater treatment, waste management, and emissions reduction. Traditional Finnish industries – such as pulp & paper, chemistry and telecommunications – are becoming more active elements in cleantech innovation.

Saving Energy in an Urban Setting

A total of 20 % of the Finnish population live in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Enhancing energy efficiency in the urban infrastructure is one of the key elements in the region. Due to Finland's northern location and relatively cold climate, energy efficiency of buildings is vital for saving energy. For decades, Finland has had to look for ways to decrease heating costs and find alternatives to fossil fuels, since no own natural fossil resources exist. In the metropolitan area, lots of initiatives have been implemented in the fields of energy efficient buildings, street lighting, small-scale energy production and citizen engagement, to name a few.

The Finns have developed their own customized ways of energy generation and energy efficiency, and the adoption rate of new technologies is relatively high. Smart and energy efficient applications in transport, buildings and urban environments, energy generation, distribution and production are often enabled by ICT – another business sector where Finland has strong know-how.

Finland is an entrepreneurial, co-operative and market- and solution-oriented nation in cleantech.

Examples of Companies to Visit

  • Sito

    Sito is a multi-talented consultancy specialized in infrastructure, traffic, environment and digital service design. Our services cover the entire design, planning and engineering chain of infrastructure projects and consultation to project management and maintenance. 

    Company was founded in 1976 and we have completed about 20,000 projects for a better environment. Sito is wholly owned by its personnel. We have 400 top professionals in the company.

    Sito works locally and internationally. We have extensive international partner network with hundreds of projects abroad. Our services cover: Infra Management, Consulting, Geotechnical & Rock, Engineering, Urban Streets and –Spaces, Traffic & Logistics, Urban Planning & Land Use, Buildings and Underground Spaces, Maintenance, Energy, Rail, Bridge & Structure, Telecom-munication, Road, ICT & Digital Services, Water, Environment and Landscaping

  • EC-Tools

    EC-Tools is a company focused on vehicle telematics and consultation. Minimization of fuel consumption and safe driving habits are the core of our know-how.

    The company has been awarded with, for example, the European Business Awards for the Environment and the award of the Nordic Council on products that reduce the effects of global warming. Our long-term business plan has been successful and in recent years the company has been concentrating on the Driveco product. Driveco is a web-based e-learning and feedback tool which utilizes vehicle telematics via Driveco wireless plug&play device installed into the vehicle.

    Many industry leading companies have chosen the Driveco product, which is utilized either directly or as part of their own products by, for example, driving schools, public officials, insurance companies and road assistance companies. TrafiSafe product, Young Drivers´ e-learning environment based on Driveco, was chosen as one of four featured products in Driving Safety at the Intelligent Transportation System annual world conference held Tokyo, Japan, in 2013.

  • Greenfield Consulting - From Project Idea to Successful Business

    Greenfield provides high quality consulting services for bridging the gap from a good project idea through investments to a successful business.

    We focus on energy industry – power and heat generation, district heating and cooling, renewable energy and energy efficiency. In close cooperation with the Client, we apply latest technology, analytical approach and innovative ways to execute investments and operational improvements

    Project Development Experience

    Community Energy Solutions

    • District Heating and Combined Heat and Power - several new-built and renovation projects in Finland, the UK, Central East Europe, China
    • District Cooling - several network and accumulator projects in Finland and abroad
    • Heat Recovery Solutions - industrial waste heat, DC DH integration, waste-to-energy

    Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

    • Wind, Solar, Biomass - Cabeólica SA (Cape Verde), ATBiopower Ltd (Thailand), Thai Biogas Energy Co (Thailand)
    • Heat Pumps - several District Cooling and secondary heat recovery projects
    • Energy Efficiency - Several energy efficiency projects for municipal Combined Heat and Power / District Heating systems (the World Bank, EBRD, ADB; Ukraine, China, Baltic countries, Poland, Belarus etc);
    • ESCO companies
  • Eneron - Welcome to the Center of Energy Efficiency

    Eneron is technology and service  company. We innovate, develop and deliver online applications for energy-efficient property management and solutions and services for customers who want to improve their efficiency of technical property maintenance processes, reduce energy costs, increase the value of the property and cut their carbon dioxide emissions.