Centre of Arctic Know-How

Snowy winter, a cold testing laboratory and test tracks make Rovaniemi a major location for arctic technology and expertise in Europe.

Cold and Winter Technology

Rovaniemi is home to some of the top companies in the world in the field of arctic technology. The world leader in the development and manufacturing of snowmobiles, for example, is located in the town. Their know-how is based on a deep understanding of winter, snow and the tough northern terrain. State-of-the art manufacturing technology and the best industrial practices are being used in the manufacture.

The Arctic Power research, development and testing center supports local technology companies to develop their products and test them in cold and snowy conditions.

Environmental Technology

Rovaniemi offers expertise in environmental technology, which includes purification of polluted soil and treatment of municipal and industrial sludge. A functional model and technique has been developed for producing a natural fertilizer and earth improvement substance directly from the sludge produced by the municipal sewage treatment plant.

Arctic Expertise for the Industrial Sector

The mining industry in Lapland is a field that is clearly growing. Rovaniemi has become an industrial centre which offers manufacturing and maintenance services for the mining and energy sector as well as the forest industry.

Local manufacturing companies offer environmentally-friendly hydraulic solutions for various applications. Furthermore, innovative drilling rigs for the mining sector are manufactured in the region.

Creative Industry

Rovaniemi is the cultural capital of Lapland, and the creative industry has a strong footing in the town. The combination of pure Lappish nature, excellent infrastructure and the attraction of Santa Claus offer ideal settings for creative industry, film industry and game industry.

Europe´s leading manufacturer of playground equipment is based in Rovaniemi. The company´s core business focus is in designing and manufacturing playground and sports equipment for all ages. The company uses local sources for manufacturing. Play area design has yet to become global and appreciated by a broader audience in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Well-being from the Lapland Nature

Northern people have used herbs and berries for various medicinal purposes long before modern medicine evolved. Lapland herbs and berries contain exceptionally pure and effective active ingredients. The pure Arctic nature ingredients are used in manufacturing of cosmetics as well as other care products.

Examples of Companies to Visit

  • Metsähallitus

    Metsähallitus is a state enterprise that manages state owned forests with world leading technology. Latest innovations and applications, such as laser scanning and IT based optimization and management systems, are introduced to everyday work as quickly as possible. Harvesting is done with harvesters equipped with best available technology.

    Metsähallitus is also among the world leaders in participatory planning, which ensures that forestry takes in to account all of stakeholders and users.

    Metsähallitus is one of the world leaders in considering forest biodiversity in the forestry areas and endangered species have been successfully protected in multipurpose forests.

    The office building of Metsähallitus is one of the biggest wooden buildings in Finland and there is also located the science center Pilke.

  • Norrdyhro

    Norrhydro is a company that specialises in hydraulics and has worked to produce power and motion for nearly 30 years.

    Our expertise is evident in all customer-oriented solutions, covering nearly all cylinder applications. Our service is designed so that turning to us is always a cost-efficient solution. Quality is ensured by our knowledgeable professionals.

    Norrhydro includes Norrhydro Oy and a Chinese subsidiary, Norrhydro Hydraulic Systems (Changzhou) Co. Ltd. Our business areas are Norrhydro cylinders, Norrdigi-solutions and Norrhydro services. 

  • Detria Oy

    Detria Oy produces and markets natural cosmetics and other herbal care products. The company is established in Rovaniemi in 1996. The effective ingredients come from herbs handpicked in the purest parts of Lapland. Detria is the leading Finnish company in its field, with an annual turnover of 2 million euros.

    Detria products are based on Detria’s knowledge of extracts of peat and herbs. Modern biotechnology, research and development data, tradition, raw materials grown in clean northern nature, and solid hands-on experience, makes Detria’s treatment preparations unique, effective and safe.

    Detria has three different product lines. Detria Arbutin for skin care, Detria Relaxant for body and muscle treatment as well as Relaxant Animal for animal skin problems. 

  • Arctic Power

    Arctic Power is a significant centre of excellence in cold climate engineering. For us, arctic means managing challenging environmental conditions and utilising them in a variety of operating environments. 

    We create solutions for our customers through applied research and practical demonstrations. Our diversified ICT know-how allows us to develop intelligent measurement and testing solutions.  Our service is based on our independent, flexible expertise.

    We also support start-up companies in the development of their innovations and we provide assistance in matters related to project funding and project management.

    Arctic Power is part of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and we have operated since 2003 with significant results.


  • Lampivaara Amethyst Mine

    Lampivaara Amethyst Mine is a unique destination in Lapland and even in whole Europe. Beautiful, purple gem stones were born 2000 million years ago in the bowels of the ancient mountains. Due to several ice ages as well as other nature circumstances, these precious stones can nowadays be found on the surface of the Lampivaara hill.

    Mining and digging is done environmentally friendly  and Amethyst Mine welcomes visitors all year round.

    Visits are always guided and all guests will learn about interesting geology and history as well as they may dig own, lucky amethyst stone.